Could This Be the End Spending Guilt?

For those with school age kids the season of what I am calling stretch-spending comes early. School supplies, new clothes, school pictures and other random checks might make someone feel like an ATM machine. “Mom, I need $35 for ASB, and $40 for soccer, and … and … and”

I feel you… and THEN before Halloween costumed have been picked out Costco puts out it’s Christmas and holiday decorating supplies. Christmas?! Seriously, I feel for this Moms, and I am starting to understand why only a few have figured out how to brush their hair, get the kids dressed and get in and out of a store sane.

The good news folks that you can reduce your financial blood pressure by doing a little teeny tiny bit of work using Claratii. That’s right, you might be able to relax knowing that there is enough in the coffer for all the need-to-haves and a little left over for you know… you!

My hair dresser and I were talking about the universal get away to the grocery store. You know, the one where you get your significant other to agree to let you run off to the store alone while they manage the clones. In those moments you may find yourself having a wardrobe affair with the most amazing blouse.  Most likely it has an umpire waist, beautiful embroidered neckline with a color that will flatter your now paling skin and possibly brushed hair.

Avoid Spending Guilt

If I am face to face with an item that is tugging on my heart strings I have a few choices:

A. Place item in cart and try and tell myself a story about how the item was lost and needed a home.

B. Walk away from the item assuming I can’t afford it

OR C. Use Claratii to see if I can “Afford it now”

I am going to go with option C. While the below photo is a screenshot from my iPhone, you can create a bookmark to your Claratii account using any internet enabled phone.

Oh tip! I love to share tips! When setting up your Claratii bookmark on your phone. Login to your account then navigate to the “Can I Afford it Now”, use your phone’s browser bookmark system to bookmark this page. Then from then on out you will stay logged in and only one click away from using the “Can I Afford it Now” feature. Here is what mine looks like (switching to part time makes my available wants go away).

So, now it’s you and that blouse. A quick click into your Claratii account, add a want to the “Can I Afford it Now” section and BAM you can see if you could or shouldn’t add that adorable new shirt to your collection. If it comes up to be that today’s just not the right time Claratii will tell you which day you can get it!

Ta da! The end of having to feel unsure and maybe even guilty about something. You can keep yourself in the loop with your family finances and keep your wants neatly organized too.

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