Feature Highlight: Know what’s safe to spend with Unallocated Funds

Recently, I ran out of pants. I was down to just two pairs of jeans which weren’t torn at the ankles or blown out at the knees. I decided that I should just bite the bullet go out and buy a pair or two, but I wanted to know how much cash was available to spend in the checking account. To find out, I used Claratii’s unallocated funds view.

A screen shot showing the unallocated funds view. In this example image, $384 is unallocated for the next month.

Towards the top of the Projections page for my checking account, I can see that until May 2nd, I have a total of $384 that I could spend. That number takes into account all of my future expenses, incomes, and Wants as well as keeping me above my reserve. This means that I’ll be able to cover my mortgage, car payments, food, etc as well as get all of my Wants as soon as possible as long as I spend less than $384.

With this information in hand, I can go out in search of the perfect pair of jeans without fear of blowing my budget because I know exactly what that budget is.

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