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Feature Highlight: Know what’s safe to spend with Unallocated Funds

A picture of Levi's jeans with a price tag which says "$ SAFE"

Recently, I ran out of pants. I was down to just two pairs of jeans which weren’t torn at the ankles or blown out at the knees. I decided that I should just bite the bullet go out and buy

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Using your “Daily Spend” to keep your perspective

Getting Perspective Lifehacker featured a post today, The Behaviors that Destroy Your Financial Health (and How to Avoid Them), and in there is a point which says losing your financial perspective is bad. A solution offered is for you to understand

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Weekly and Monthly Views for Projections

A screen shot showing the weekly projections view

As requested by you, the users, we’re proud to release two new views of your projected balances: weekly and  monthly. You can find the links to these views for the normal Projections page.   Both of these new views provide

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New Feature: Prioritization of Wants on mobile

A screen shot showing two wants with new prioritization buttons with up and down arrows

If you use Claratii on your phone (which works great) then you get a little more love with this update. When you view your Wants, you’ll now see up and down buttons when you can use to adjust the priority

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New Feature: Multiple Accounts

You can now use Claratii to track multiple accounts! To get started, just click the Accounts link in the navigation bar. Once you add another account, new options will appear when you add/edit cash flows or update your balance. The

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I wrote the first Help article

We have a new Help section where you’ll find information to help you use Claratii. So far, there’s only one article, but I’ll write more.

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You can now move an instance of an income or expense.

My wife gets paid with an actual, physical check which I deposit into an ATM owned by a credit union who isn’t my own and the ATM owner holds the funds for a few days. This creates a little problem:

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We’re HTTPS enabled!

I just finished installing our security certificate which means your password and financial information are fully secured during transport over the internet! As always, your data is also safe in our secure database. For more information about HTTPS, see Lifehacker’s

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Clear Understanding


Keeping a balance sheet is fantastic for knowing what you did in the past. Even Mint makes it easy to see spending averages. However Claratii allows you to see spending in the future! Make it easier for you to plan, communicate

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Reduce Stress


Stop having to stress over your finances. See into the future! Know exactly when you can purchase your new car, pay off the credit card or book a trip to Hawaii!

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