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Count Your Beans in a Crock Pot

While the economy learns how to walk again, we too must re-learn how to approach our personal finances. Think simple real life applications first before you tackle the big stuff.

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Could This Be the End Spending Guilt?

For those with school age kids the season of what I am calling stretch-spending comes early. School supplies, new clothes, school pictures and other random checks might make someone feel like an ATM machine. “Mom, I need $35 for ASB,

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Give the Gift of Sanity


Money problems are often cited as the number one cause of divorce in America. Beyond divorce stressing over financing, especially future finances is a burden you no longer have to bare. A few easy steps you can see your financial

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Clear Understanding


Keeping a balance sheet is fantastic for knowing what you did in the past. Even Mint makes it easy to see spending averages. However Claratii allows you to see spending in the future! Make it easier for you to plan, communicate

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Reduce Stress


Stop having to stress over your finances. See into the future! Know exactly when you can purchase your new car, pay off the credit card or book a trip to Hawaii!

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