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Using your “Daily Spend” to keep your perspective

Getting Perspective Lifehacker featured a post today, The Behaviors that Destroy Your Financial Health (and How to Avoid Them), and in there is a point which says losing your financial perspective is bad. A solution offered is for you to understand

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6 Easy on the Wallet Gifts for Kids

A few days ago other day, I realized that my daughter was 7 months old; time has never flown so fast! Our living room has turned into a kid’s crawling, exploring and chewing paradise. It’s filled with baby toys, stuffed

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Count Your Beans in a Crock Pot

While the economy learns how to walk again, we too must re-learn how to approach our personal finances. Think simple real life applications first before you tackle the big stuff.

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Simple Money Savings Tips

Four years ago Eli and I jumped into buying our first home. Four miles from town and less than 15 minutes from a Costco. I distinctly remember our neighbor saying, “buying a home is going to be a stretch”. I

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